Monday, May 4, 2009

Diagnostic Revision

Original Diagnostic Essay

Traveling the world has always been one of my dreams, but hey; i would just settle on being able to be punctual for once. That is why if i could have any super power i would love to have the ability to teleport.I mean in all honesty there are no negatives to it, you can only benefit from it.

First off for any of those couples that have to be in separate places as part of the many sacrifices you have to make for cheap education; they would be able to make things work. Distance would never be an issue. I personally have an ex boyfriend in California that i can't be with because of distance. It drives me crazy on a daily basis. I have had serious struggles because of not being able to see him, no matter how insignificant they seem to others.

I would also love to be able to teleport somewhere that college is free. As it is now i can't afford anything anymore because of school and its ridiculous pricing. I mean imagine how much money teleportation would save you. Not just transportation costs but in medical bills, college tuition, and probably every piece of food if your in the right place for the right item.

Last but not least, I would love to be able to teleport just for the sheer joy of being able to travel the world. There are so many amazing places i would love to go. Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning and be like, " Wow! today i want to go to Egypt and see the pyramids" and then be actually able to do it? I personally cant even begin to grasp how awesome that would be.

Say what you want but no super power could top teleportation, not one! Its definitely one of those gifts that would make the world better for everyone. Shoot! i bet even our economy would be in better shape if we could teleport.

Revised Diagnostic

Egypt, Russia, Greece, Australia; those are just a few places that i would love to visit if i was given the opportunity to travel. Thats why if there was any super power i could have i would choose to be able to teleport. I mean how cool would that be?! Its one of those powers that wouldn't have any negative effects, I would have the world in my hands, i could do just about anything.

There are so many examples of where teleportation would come in handy. One being that there are so many couples out there trying to make the long distance thing work and they can't simply because they are at school or because of a job or even family obligations. imagine if you could teleport....distance would never be an issue. I personally have experienced this. I have and ex boyfriend in California that i can't be with because of how high tuition is for out of state students there. I had to deal with serious struggles over this.

I also would love to teleport somewhere where education was free or much lower, I mean we all know my stance on college tuition. I think its too high and the money the government receives is handled completely the wrong way. I would just love to go to a foreign country for my education (preferably one that speaks English) haha. It would just make things so much more interesting and beneficial for me.

Of course i can't forget the number one reason that i would love to teleport....for the sheer joy of traveling the world. haha, i mean what else could a person want? I'm a naturally curious person and there is so much out there that i want to discover or even just witness for myself pictures and stories have never done it for me. I lived in Okinawa, Japan for 2 years and it was the most wonderful experience, it was new. I love change and adapting to new surroundings.

There is no other power that even remotely compares to teleportation. I honest to god hope science one day will get to that level and everyone can do this. Things would be perfect for me if i could teleport. If you don't think this is the best power out there, i invite you to try to prove to me that there is a better one out there.

Monday, April 20, 2009

So you want my input on this class? Well there were a lot of things i liked and some things i didn't like. I guess i will start off with the things i did like. I did like that Mr. Gasparo was a younger teacher. you can relate better to him than most teachers. I also appreciated his sarcasm, it lets us know that its okay to joke and that he didn't take himself too seriously. I also liked the argument essay idea, with the exception of it being very long, the fact that i got to choose what to write about was awesome! i just graduated high school and i never got the opportunity to do that before in a class. I also liked the videos he showed in class a lot! they both got my interest...They made me think and "sicko" in particular got me angry. Ha Ha! The fact that he makes his students think is really good. Not many teachers do that anymore. they just teach by the book and never give their students the opportunity to seriously think about things. Its absolutely terrible!

Now on to the things i didn't like...

I didn't like how many assignments He gave us at once. I work full time, IT STRESSED ME OUT! I mean i know those things need to be done but it was so overwhelming. Also I wasn't to keen on how everything was done on blackboard. I'm computer savvy and all but i still get confused with certain things. There was too much uploaded onto blackboard it became way too complicated to find things. Also as far as the things he had posted on there for us to read and bring to class and what not i felt like even when we did it wasn't used. We read it but never really learned anything from it. Same goes for the handbook. I feel there was no reason for me to have purchased it in the first place.

Overall i liked this class though, He is definitely one of my favorite teachers at tcc so far. As far as English 112 goes, Expect to see my name on his list. He made this class fun and interesting and helped it keep my attention. Ha ha! okay see that's where i wanted to end this blog. See that's another thing. We have to write a certain amount of words and then i start feeling like I'm having to force this paper. its done, its good and if i keep writing I'm only going to make it worse. Hmm..... I guess i will have to think of more things. oh man. I'm so out. I guess another thing that could be improved is having more examples of the papers we need to write or even giving us more time in class to work on our papers. I mean cause its like i said most work full time and when we get spare time we are less motivated. So if we had some extra time in class it would be awesome!.

and hey if you don't want my opinion there are so many more opinions at

there you can find other students opinions on just about every professor here at tcc, or any other college or university.

also if you liked this blog i have a myspace were there are several more about topics i have chosen its just beware i talk about several issues that have a tendency to make other people feel uncomfortable

Anyways, I personally advise that if you don't take yourself too seriously and your not an uptight person that you take Paul Gasparo's class. He is a good instructor, just make sure you don't ask stupid question. Ha ha! Also make sure you can handle the work load.